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Posted Jan 27th, 2021

Open Listing: Laravel / Vue Developer

ComplYant is looking to grow our core technologies team.

We are looking for some help getting a couple of major projects over the finish line. You will be part of a small team developing the core technology of our platform. We are not looking for “ninja’s”, “wizards”, or “hyperbolic pseudonyms”, we are looking for experience, a great attitude and the ability to write clean, reliable and SOLID code.

What you need to bring

Open to candidates within the US only. Must be able to legally work within US.

We are a complementary organization, so you should have multiple years of experience with the majority of the below, and a healthy appetite to learn about the ones you don’t know:

  • TDD
  • PHP skills current to 7.4
  • Solid and up to date knowledge of Laravel 8
  • Inertia.js
  • Vue
  • Consuming api’s with Guzzle
  • TDD
  • Authorizing out to remote systems with oAuth
  • You can write a book about SOLID principals
  • You know why ACID is important
  • Github, git, branching, forking, PR’s
  • Thrive with a mix of self-direction, teamwork and direct instruction
  • Vapor, AWS, Labda, Hosting Buzzwords!
  • Did I mention TDD?

We are looking for full time, 35+ hours a week.

What we will bring

The position is initially for a full time contractor. There will be an opportunity to transition to full time regular staff in the near future, if we hit our milestones and keep our timelines under control.

We offer a competitive rate based on skillset.

We are a fully remote company, no office to commute into, no dress code to deal with. We do video chats regularly, so maybe be ready for that, but otherwise we focus on results.

Reasonably flexible hours. Our core team is 8 - 5 PST. We don’t need full overlap, but we would like someone that will keep to a schedule with 50% or more overlap on those hours.

How to apply?

A reminder: Open to US candidates only. We appreciate the wonderful and talented developers that have expressed interest from around the world, however we are only able to consider US based candidates at this time.

You will need to submit an application via our hyper advanced Careers API. Don’t worry, this isn’t time consuming. If you want to cheap out on the process, you can just use the documentation itself to submit your post bodies from there. If you want to impress, do something slightly more interesting. You will need to grab the SLUG at the bottom of this listing. Copy that then go check out the ComplYant Careers API Docs for information.

If you absolutely hate doing this kind of fun little test / task as a way of demonstrating your metal, go ahead and email the below address. It is base64 encoded, so… uh… I mean, if you can’t solve that… right?

Base64 Encoded Email: bGVlQGNvbXBseWFudGFwcC5jb20=

We look forward to hearing from you!